WELCOME The UCLA Med-Peds Residency Program produces innovative physicians with flexibility in their approach to clinical medicine which provides a breadth of patient care approaches as well as versatility in career paths. These areas include generalists, hospitalists, subspecialists, researchers, and specialists in public health, administration, and education. Med-Peds physicians may also occupy special niches within the medical community, such as the transitional care of patients with chronic illnesses like cystic fibrosis, diabetes, and congenital heart disease. We are committed to making improvements to our health system and build solid partnerships with our patients and families in order to establish trust and rapport needed to successfully treat and manage care for newborns to geriatrics.

The Bruin family that will be in your ❤ forever

Not only do we provide excellent training for our resident physicians, we also place a strong emphasis on the concept of being a family. Our family supports each and everyone in our program whenever you need them. Our family makes our residents stronger so they are able to communicate well with their patients and be able to face arduous tasks by collaborating as a team. We also want to make sure that you have fun while training at our rigorous program. As you can see our residents definitely know how to unwind and destress.