The initial appointment is for a one-year period. Reappointment, advancement and completion of the year is contingent upon maintenance of academic good standing and satisfactory performance of assigned rotations and duties as determined by evaluations by the Program Director and faculty. Advancement (reappointment) is from year to year, depending upon satisfactory completion of the previous year. Salary increases are generally made annually at the beginning of the appointment of the next step. Residents are paid monthly on the first of every month.

Educational Benefits

Membership to National Med-Peds Residents' Association (NMPRA)
Membership to American College of Physicians (ACP)
Access to Medical Knowledge Self Assessment Program ® (MKSAP)
Access to Challenger Program for Residencies (CPR) educational tool
Access to American Academy of Pediatrics, PediaLink Online Center

Yearly Resident Book Fund from both Internal Medicine and Pediatrics departments

Resident Benefits

The Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center provides you and your family with medical, dental, life, and vision insurance at no cost to you. In addition, life and long-term disability insurance is provided to UCLA House Staff Residents at no cost. If you choose UCLA for your medical benefits, there are no co-payments on office visits and prescriptions are free of charge. Mental health services are port of the health insurance program for physicians in training. Impaired physician services and evaluations are offered confidentially through the UCLA Medical Staff Health Committee. All residents receive a BruinCard which serves as your official University identification card/badge, permits access to facilities and special events, and can be used to purchase good and services throughout the University, Medical Center and Health System. UCLA Combined Internal Medicine-Pediatrics residents will have the same salary and benefits as their categorical counterparts.

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Salary Schedule

PGY-1 (R1 Interns) $4495.59 $53,947
PGY-2 (R2 Residents) $4644.67 $55,736
PGY-3 (R3 Residents) $4827.08 $57,925
PGY-4 (R4 Chief Residents) $5017.58 $60,211

Leave & Vacation Time

Vacation Policy 4 weeks per year
Sick Leave: 12 days per year accrued at one working day per month
Maternity Leave: 2 weeks per year

Residents in the UCLA Combined Internal Medicine-Pediatrics Program will receive the same amount of vacation/leave benefits as their categorical counterparts and will be distributed equally between Internal Medicine and Pediatrics. In the case of holiday schedule coverage, the Med-Peds residents will be distributed as evenly as possible between the two departments, and within an individual residents's four-year curriculum, 2 winter holidays will be in Pediatrics and 2 winter holidays will be in Internal Medicine. All other leaves, including medical, sick, maternity/paternity, or famiily leave may be taken according to written policy as noted on the GME website. Time spent on leave other than vacation may be required to be made up per program and American Board Requirements.

Liability Insurance

The Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center shall include residents under the University's self-insurance program with limits of up to $7.5 million per occurence for the liability of the resident whiel acting in the performance of his/her duties or in the course and scope of his/her assignment. Claims made after termination of training will be covered if based on acts or omissions of the resident within the course and scope of his/her assignments during training. Liability coverage will be provided for the resident on rotations outside UCLA Healthcare System provided such rotation or activity has been approved or mandated by the program.

Resident Retreats

The Med-Peds Residency program hosts an annual spring and fall retreats with the UCLA Department of Medicine at the beautiful Embassy Suites at Mandalay Beach in Oxnard, CA and the UCLA Sunset Canyon Recreation Center. The Med-Peds residents also have the privilege of attending the UCLA Department of Pediatrics annual retreats as well. The retreat provides a venue for residents and faculty to come together in one location and get to know one another, to unwind and relax, as well as survey program quality.