As of 7/2017

Step Monthly Salary Annual Salary
Post MD 1 $4,630.50 $55,566
Post MD 2 $4,784.00 $57,408
Post MD 3 $4,971.91 $59,663
Post MD 4 $5,168.16 $62,018
Post MD 5 $5,379.66 $64,556
Post MD 6 $5,579.58 $66,955
Post MD 7 $5,765.16 $69,182
Post MD 8 $6,068.58 $72,823



For more information:

Health Benefits & Insurance

UCLA provides trainees a rich package of health and welfare benefits at no cost to trainees, their spouse, and/or their dependents. These plans include health, dental, vision, disability, and life insurance. UCLA covers the premiums and co-insurance if a trainee visits a UCLA physician. Read More

Retirement Savings Plan

Trainees are automatically enrolled in a pretax defined contribution plan.

Behavior Wellness Center (BWC)

Graduate education and medical training can be an inherently stressful time, therefore we have established a resource center and a team of providers to complement existing services. The new team of providers includes psychiatrists, psychologists and a social worker conveniently located in the Center for Health Sciences. Read More

Fatigue Mitigation Transportation Program UCLA GME offers a fatigue mitigation transportation option to help ensure trainees get home safely after work. Trainees may use app-based services such as Lyft and Uber to go home after a shift and back to work the next day. Obtaining a reimbursement is simple, just submit the receipts to the GME office. Read More

Life in LA The UCLA residency and fellowship programs are located arguably in one of the most exciting cities in the nation. The LA lifestyle has plenty to offer. The food, music, views, outdoor activities, nightlife, and sites are all a part of the advantages of living in beautiful southern California. Los Angeles really does have something for everyone. Read More