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Employers and patients love Bruin physicians because they are compassionate and attentive to patient needs, skillful in dealing with complex cases, open minded, and enthusiastic about their work. Train at one of the most renown academic hospital and rigorous training program in the west. UCLA Med-Peds will undoubtedly get your career off to a positive start.

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Bon Voyage Seniors!

Every year we see our Med-Peds residents graduate and go on to the real world. Our UCLA Med-Peds residency program prepares our graduates to have a strong academic and clinical foundation to practice medicine with confidence. Click on the names above and find out where our graduates have gone and what specialty they are pursuing. Med-Peds physicians pursue a vast array of career paths which can include Academic generalist, Academic subspecialist, Primary care practitioner, Hospitalist, Urgent care physician, International health medicine specialist, Public health / Underserved area physician, and Emergency room physician.

The Class of 2016

Drs. Daniel Karlin, Faysal Saab, Linnaea Schuttner, and Angelica Zen graduate from UCLA Med-Peds in 2016. Drs. Saab and Zen moved on to become Chief Residents for the UCLA Internal Medicine Residency Program and are planning to become hospitalists afterwards. Dr. Karlin accepted a Palliative Care Fellowship Program at UC San Diego and is planning to take on Palliative Care/Hospitalist position afterwards. Finally, Dr. Schuttner will be relaxing and hiking in the Pacific Crest before taking on a position in Urgent Care at UCLA followed by a Primary Care Fellowship.

The Class of 2015

This year we had Drs. Ashley Lewis Hunter, Rachel Klein, Colin Robinson, and Weiyi Tan graduate from UCLA Med-Peds.

The Class of 2014

This year we had Drs. Philippe Champagne, Catherine Hooper, Brian Lichtenstein, and Stacey Weinstein graduate from UCLA Med-Peds. Dr. Lichtenstein will be staying on at UCLA as a Hospitalist. Dr. Hooper will be going off to do a Fellowship in Pulmonary and Critical Care at Johns Hopkins University. Dr. Champagne will be taking on training in Preventative Medicine at UCLA. Dr. Weinstein will be staying on at UCLA as well.

The Class of 2013

This year we had Drs. Sayumi De Silva, Diana Guse, Christopher Thrash, and Ajay Yadlapati graduate from UCLA Med-Peds. Drs. De Silva and Thrash have decided to stay here at UCLA and start their career as Medicine Hospitalists. Dr. Guse will also be staying at UCLA but will be taking on the role of Chief Resident for the Department of Pediatrics. Dr. Yadlapati will be going off to Northwestern University to take on a Cardiology Fellowship. We wish them luck in their post-residency endeavors.

The Class of 2012

Drs. Lindsay Wells, John Ly, Mridula Watt, and Mike La graduated from UCLA Med-Peds this year. Drs. Wells and Watt have decided to stay at UCLA and join the Primary Care faculty and Dr. La has also decided to stay at UCLA and join the Internal Medicine Hospitalist Service. Dr. Ly went on to UCSF for a Medicine Hospitalist and Global Health Fellowship. He eventually made his way back home to UCLA after completing his fellowship and is now on faculty with the UCLA Internal Medicine Hospitalist Service.

The Class of 2011

Drs. Milica Simpson, Alon Unger, Henry Kirolos, and Cecily Gallup graduated from our Med-Peds residency program in 2011! Dr. Simpson decided to practice Primary Care at our UCLA Medical Group in Malibu while Dr. Kirolos stayed on faculty at our UCLA Santa Monica Internal Medicine and Pediatrics practice. Drs. Unger and Gallup travelled up north to UCSF to be Medicine Hospitalists. Dr. Gallup has moved up throughout the years to be the Medicine Consultation Director at UCSF-San Francisco General Hospital and Trauma Center along side being a Hospitalist.