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Our chief residents with their advanced knowledge base and intuitiveness lead and support our resident family. With effective management skills, multi-tasking abilities, as well as collaboration as a team, our residents are more than prepared to handle the most complex cases. Spanning from child to adulthood we build a partnership for life.

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R4 General Internal Medicine Training Goals

The primary goal of the fourth-year Internal Medicine curriculum for the Med-Peds PGY4s is to gain specialized knowledge in subspecialty fields. In addition general inpatient medicine wards, Med-Peds PGY4s rotate on the internal medicine consult service, which is an important experience to provide general medicine consultation services to any other specialty field (Surgery, Psychiatry, OB-GYN) requesting guidance in the management of their patients. This requires strong interpersonal and communication skills, confidence and comfort in providing clinical advice, and strong diagnosis skills and a broad knowledge base. From a teaching perspective, Med-Peds PGY4s must present a "Senior Grand Rounds" on a topic of their choice to their peers.

R4 General Pediatrics Training Goals

Med-Peds PGY4 residents in pediatrics gain more specialized knowledge and skills in the management of critically ill children by rotating through the PICU at night. During this rotation, Med-Peds PGY4 residents care for children in the PICU without the benefit of the full support staff during the day. This requires confidence in ICU knowledge and management as well as the ability to recognize the signs of decompensating conditions quickly. In addition to the PICU rotation, the Med-Peds PGY4 residents rotate through the pediatric emergency department at Harbor-UCLA Medical Center. In this setting, they are able to be the first contact for children who present with both common and complex problems, as well as have experience with managing pediatric traumas. Finally, Med-Peds PGY4 residents also have the child advocacy rotation, which gives them specialized knowledge and skills working with children in the foster care system.