Alice Kuo, MD, PhD, MBA

Chief of UCLA Medicine-Pediatrics Residency Program

Dear Residency Candidate,

Greetings and welcome to the UCLA Combined Internal Medicine and Pediatrics (Med-Peds) Residency Program. Our program was created in 2003 with a curriculum that provides balanced & comprehensive educational experiences in both Internal Medicine and Pediatrics. At UCLA, we take it to the next level providing our resident physicians the premier experiential foundation in clinical medicine. Our vision is clear and our program is truly filled with love, laughter, and the inspiration to make things better for our community. Your time spent here with UCLA Med-Peds will definitely be invaluable and transcend a lifetime.

It’s an exciting time as your next adventure is just around the corner! We are ecstatic you are considering UCLA Med-Peds to be your next home! Our residency program attracts applicants from around the nation and for good reason! We have much to offer from the most supportive and engaging faculty, staff, administrators, and residents to the most invaluable educational and clinical foundation. Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center is ranked one of the top four hospitals┬áin the United States today and is remarked Best in the West for 23 consecutive years.

Our Med-Peds Comprehensive Care Center and the renown Venice Family Clinic provide a strong continuity experience as well as diverse exposure with our community. Our residents also have the unique opportunity to travel abroad and engage in global health challenges to areas like Malawi, Africa. We also established our own Transition Care Program which continues to flourish and help children with chronic conditions. To top it all off, our Med-Peds residents are a tight-knit group and they support each other like a true family.

Finally, Los Angeles is a vibrant city in which to reside on the West Coast. The population is wonderfully culturally diverse, with a mix of peoples and languages from many ethnicities. The region is also geographically varied, where one can surf, ski and snowboard, and blaze a trail through the desert, all in the same day. Best of all, the Los Angeles area averages 329 days of sunshine each year.

I encourage you to explore our program, ask many questions, and see for yourself what the UCLA Med-Peds program has to offer!

Check out the first of our UCLA Med-Peds Video Log series. More to come soon!