Class of 2022 – Chief residents

Abigail Arons, MD, MPA



Patrick Holman, MD

MEDICAL SCHOOL: chicago medical school at Rosalind Franklin University

University of California, San Diego

Jessica Lucier, MD



Rebecca Tsevat, MD, MS




Abby is originally from Winters, California. She went to Smith College and after graduation, she moved to Texas and completed her Masters in Public Affairs at the LBJ School of Public Affairs at the University of Texas at Austin. Before medical school, she worked in health policy, first in Texas, and ultimately made her way to Washington DC, at the National Academy for State Health Policy. She returned to California for medical school at UCSF and has been in California ever since.

Having worked with a Med Peds mentor as a pre-med, Abby entered medical school already considering Med-Peds. It turned out to be a great fit for someone who is interdisciplinary by nature. Abby appreciates the joy and entertainment of pediatric well child checks, the rewarding longitudinal relationships in adult preventive care, and the challenge of managing both common chronic conditions and complex disease.

UCLA stood out as a strong academic program, with uniquely robust opportunities to pursue health policy. As a typical Med Peds resident who enjoys variety and a well-rounded experience, Abby was also attracted to the diversity of sites and patient populations that include the VA, county hospitals, and an FQHC along with a large academic center and community hospitals. She was particularly impressed by the approachable and engaged faculty across programs that she met on interview days. Finally, the location–not many people get to spend their residency living in Santa Monica, within walking distance of the beach! 

Abby is currently leading the U ACT advocacy collaborative, developing the technical aspects of Med Peds Pediatric to Adult Transitions project through the Resident Informaticist program, creating policy curricula in the Internal Medicine Medical Education Pathway, and conducting research on health policy topics including Medicaid and obesity policy. Abby plans to pursue a career in primary care for all ages, policy research, and teaching.

She enjoys doing elaborate craft/construction/cooking projects, trying very specialized foods, spending time outdoors, and swimming in the ocean.


Patrick grew up in Madison, Austin, San Jose and San Diego. He attended college at the University of California,  San Diego studying Bioengineering before moving to Chicago for medical school. He attended Chicago Medical School/Rosalind Franklin University where he was heavily involved in student government and education from tutoring to curriculum development .

Growing up, Patrick always wanted to work with a pediatric population. However, he became very conflicted during his third year of medical school after truly valuing his experiences with adult patients. He was thrilled to learn about the field of Med-Peds where he could continue to work with both patient populations and use the training from one specialty to enhance the care he provides to the other population! He loves the inpatient heavy training that Med-Peds provides so that he will be able to comfortably manage both sick and healthy patients in a variety of clinical settings!

He chose UCLA because of the wonderful people, stellar clinical training offered for both medicine & pediatrics in numerous clinical environments, and the perfect location close to family with fantastic weather and endless fun things to do! He could not think of a better place to work!

Patrick is currently in the Resident Informaticist program here at UCLA, working on clinical research on CAR-T therapy cardiovascular adverse outcomes and pediatric angiotensin II use for catecholamine refractory shock. Patrick is also currently in the Internal Medicine Education Pathway to get more formal training on being an educator. He is interested in pursuing a career in Hospital Medicine or Critical Care Medicine with focuses on medical education, clinical informatics, LGBTQIA+ Health, medical technology/engineering and quality improvement.

When outside of work, he enjoys spending time under the sun running along the beach, hiking, and exploring national parks. He considers himself an Early Grey connoisseur and is working to perfect the London Fog latte. He also enjoys seeing live music, traveling the world, baking with dark chocolate and peanut butter, and re-watching Parks & Rec with his spouse and two tuxedo cats.


Jessie was born and raised in southern California, where she grew up spoiled by a loving family and incredible weather. She nurtured an accidental pole vaulting career, which she continued through high school and part of college. She headed to Boston, where she studied philosophy at Harvard. Following college she lived in Paris, Baltimore (where she completed a post-baccalaureate program at Goucher), and San Diego, before attending medical school at UCLA. With an eye toward gaining skills and perspective on the systems-level issues determining patient care, Jessie took a year off between her third and fourth years of medical school to work in healthcare consulting for Boston Consulting Group. 

She gladly returned to clinical medicine and found herself a home in Med-Peds, loving working with children, adults, and their families.  She was particularly inspired by the UCLA Med-Peds faculty and residents and felt lucky to land at UCLA for residency training. In medical school and now in residency, she has been so impressed by the UCLA Med-Peds family: hard-working, kind, generous, and smart but also never taking themselves too seriously.   

Clinically, she is interested in Med-Peds palliative care, with a particular interest in children with chronic illnesses across transitions of care and caring for children and adults with special health and mental health care needs. She also hopes to also develop complementary skills in medical education (currently participating in the UCLA Internal Medicine Medical Education pathway) and translating systems-level change.   

Jessie couples matched with her husband John, a resident in Psychiatry at UCLA. They love living in Los Angeles: enjoying the outdoors, rooting for the Dodgers, and eating their way through Jonathan Gold’s favorite restaurants. She’s seen every episode of Seinfeld and West Wing >8 times, and sheepishly admits to binging reality TV post-call. 


Becca grew up in Cincinnati, Ohio and attended college at Washington University in St. Louis, where she pursued a double major in English Literature and Biology and a minor in Spanish. Fascinated by the intersections between medicine and the humanities, she subsequently obtained a master’s degree in Narrative Medicine at Columbia University. She remained at Columbia for medical school, where she enjoyed her time volunteering at a student-run free clinic, editing the medical school literary magazine, and conducting research in adolescent health.

Becca loved her rotations in both internal medicine and pediatrics during medical school and was reluctant to give up either specialty. As someone who enjoys combining her interests in disparate fields, Med-Peds felt like the perfect training program to equip her to care for patients of all ages. She is particularly interested in transitions of care and the care of adolescents/young adults and felt that intensive training in both internal medicine and pediatrics would best serve her future patients.

Becca was lucky enough to have the opportunity to do an away rotation at the UCLA Med-Peds clinics during medical school. That experience not only solidified her interest in Med-Peds but also exposed her to the wonderful community of residents and faculty at this institution. Every single person she encountered was welcoming, supportive, and passionate about their work.  Additionally, she appreciated the strength of the primary care training and diversity of clinical sites at UCLA. After spending much of her life in the Midwest and on the East Coast, she was excited to see what the West Coast had to offer!

Becca is currently involved in clinical research focused on adolescents with chronic diseases, the Internal Medicine Medical Education Pathway, the Pediatrics Diversity Committee, and the Internal Medicine Medical Humanities Committee. She plans to pursue a career integrating her varied interests in primary care, underserved populations, medical education, and clinical research.

 In her free time, she likes to read, run, hike, travel, explore the diverse LA food scene (including the many farmers markets) and spend time with friends and family.

Class of 2023

Katelyn Klein, MD, RN



Angie Lim, MD, MPH



Adrianna Stanley, MD, MSc




A native southern Californian, Katelyn spent a significant amount of her upbringing exploring the outdoors and playing soccer year-round. Curious to learn about the concept of winter, she moved east and attended Georgetown University where she earned her BS in Nursing and found her passion for advocacy in the nation’s capital. She spent the next few years working as an ICU nurse before moving to Philadelphia, where she completed a post-baccalaureate program and worked as an ER nurse. A couple months after getting married, she and her spouse decided the time was ripe to move to rural Malawi so they returned 90% of their wedding gifts, hoodwinked their friends into storing their remaining belongings, and spent a year working for an NGO combating childhood malnutrition. She returned to DC to attend medical school at Georgetown, where she continued her work with underserved and marginalized populations and later matched at UCLA for her Med-Peds residency.

Katelyn was drawn to UCLA because of the breadth of opportunities it provided for her to engage in research, be part of the Global Health Track, and find mentors to help her learn how to improve systems of care in resource-poor settings. She loves the variety of clinical training sites at UCLA, where Med-Peds residents rotate through large academic centers, County hospitals, the VA, and more. The love and support from her fellow residents and program leadership immediately made her feel part of the cozy Med-Peds family at UCLA. Katelyn is a NHSC scholar and plans to work for Indian Health Service or at a prison after completing residency.

In her free time, Katelyn enjoys running up hills, sampling her spouses’ excellent cooking, buying new houseplants, winning at Harry Potter trivia, and trying to teach her rambunctious rescue puppy new tricks.


Angie was born and raised in South Korea until the age of 10 when she moved to Los Angeles, California. She is a quadruple Bruin! She studied molecular biology and Spanish during college, received an MPH in epidemiology from graduate school, and stayed at UCLA for medical school. During medical school, she heard about Med-Peds and fell in love with the specialty when she learned that Med-Peds doctors were able to treat patients of all ages. And, they can uniquely help patients with complex medical conditions (such as congenital heart diseases, CF, etc.) transition from pediatric to adult providers, which has become one of her clinical interests.

She is so excited to have been able to stay at UCLA because of her passion in giving back to the very community she grew up in. During her free time, she likes to go explore the many beautiful national parks on the west coast and introducing Korean food and desserts to her friends.


A Northern California native, Adrianna grew up enjoying sunny days in the Bay Area. At 18, she traded sunshine for snow boots, attending Harvard for undergrad and majoring in History of Science with a minor in Global Health and Health Policy. After this she attended Dartmouth for medical school, where she dedicated her time to serving on the Latino Medical Student Association NE executive board, further fueling her passions for health equity. In 2017, she took a brief detour to the United Kingdom, where she completed a masters at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine. A decade after leaving the nest and exploring the world, Adrianna has returned to her home state of California, where she is absolutely loving her residency at UCLA.

She pursued the combined training of Med-Peds because she wanted to be trained to take of patients of all ages. She was also drawn to the unique perspective offered by the combined training working in the hospital and thinking outside of the box can make a difference in her patients’ lives. She chose UCLA because of the opportunities to work in global health, advocacy, and EDI during her residency. She additionally wanted to be able to give back to her Latino community and the diverse patient population within the city of Los Angeles. 

She has a specific interest in neglected tropical diseases (NTDs) and wants to pursue in a career in infectious diseases possibly through an ID fellowship or the Epidemic Intelligence Service (EIS). She ultimately would like to make an impact on global health policy by working at the WHO or CDC.

She is the secretary of the National Med-Peds Resident Association Executive board, and works both locally and nationally to give Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion (EDI) a stronger voice within the Med-Peds community. She is an active member of the global health pathway. She also loves mentoring undergrads and medical students.

She enjoys exploring LA’s food scene from food festivals to rooftop restaurants searching for the most instagrammable places and events!


Class of 2024


Kristina Brown, MD




Julian Lejbman, MD

University of pennsylvania



Wilson Ricketts, MD

university of alabama



Nate VanderVeen, MD

western michigan



Kristina has lived in almost every corner of the country: She was born in Miami and grew up in Colorado where she developed a love for scenic trail-running. (Despite living near the Rocky Mountains for most of her life, she’s actually never been skiing!) For college, she attended the University of Colorado at Boulder where she studied Integrative Physiology.  

She then ventured across the country for medical school, bringing a long-standing passion for the humanities and advocacy to Yale School of Medicine. There, she thrived as a poet and community-builderand also published an op-ed about her personal experience as a family caregiver and the need for healthcare reform. This led her to testify in Congress for the rights of family caregivers and individuals with disabilities. 

She is thrilled to be a part of the Med-Peds community with the unique opportunity to care for and advocate for families and patients, both young and old. She chose UCLA for its warm community of residents and faculty, diverse patient population, and built-in advocacy curriculum. Ultimately, she aims to combine her advocacy with her clinical work and serve as a national advocate for caregivers and individuals with disabilities from every walk of life.  

She lives in Westwood and enjoys searching for the best sunset views, reading and writing poetry by the shoreline, and playing the ukulele with friends. 

Favorite TV show: This is Us 


Julian spent his formative years planning his escape from his hometown of Las Vegas. He left the neon lights behind for college at the University of Pittsburgh, then spent two years at the NIH studying prognostic biomarkers in traumatic brain injury. As a medical student at the University of Pennsylvania, he developed a love for wielding systems and quality improvement techniques to improve health equity. He worked to improve access to primary care among pediatric patients experiencing homelessness, helped build a mental health resource network at a gender clinic for trans and gender non-conforming youth, and worked at Puentes de Salud, a clinic for undocumented Latinx immigrants in Philadelphia. He chose Med-Peds because he wanted the ability to care for these communities across the lifespan and across clinical settings.

He came to UCLA because of the diverse patient population, the opportunity to train at county and community hospitals in addition to typical academic centers, and the rich community of Med-Peds faculty and residents with diverse passion projects. He believes strongly in serving as a mentor for other first generation, Latinx, and LGBTQ trainees, as well as helping all trainees feel a sense of belonging and support in medicine.

Despite his desert upbringing, Julian has no tolerance for heat and is grateful every day for the West LA breeze. He has been enjoying bike rides along the beach, surfing with co-residents, and group boba breaks at work in the name of “team building”.


Wilson is from the small town of Columbiana, AL. He graduated from Covenant College outside of Chattanooga, TN, where he worked for a community health clinic serving the city’s immigrant population before moving back to Alabama for medical school at the University of Alabama at Birmingham. Between his MS3 and MS4 years, he spent a year at Duke Divinity School as a Theology, Medicine, and Culture fellow, allowing him to delve into questions about suffering, hope, bioethics, and moral formation in medicine.

He pursued Med-Peds because of his desire to be trained to think about the entire scope of his patients’ lives and stories. He chose UCLA because it is a world class program with world class people that are not just made up of colleagues but genuine friends! There is an incredibly strong Med-Peds division at UCLA and he was blown away by the kindness of the Med-Peds faculty and the interest they showed in him as a person and as a developing physician. He was also drawn to the extensive global health opportunities and the integrated advocacy training. 

He is interested in palliative care, global health (specifically forming long-term partnerships to develop self-sustaining medical education programs/healthcare infrastructure), refugee and immigrant healthcare, and primary care.

He loves traveling, good conversations, and dancing absurdly to loud music. Outside of work you’ll find him exploring local hiking trails, working on his rock climbing in the Malibu hills, enjoying the LA food scene, or sitting on his porch with a cup of tea, immersed in a good book.



Nate grew up in rural west Michigan (Allegan, MI) in a family of funeral directors, which provided his first glimpse of what it meant to provide care for those in need. He attended the University of Michigan (Go Blue!) to study Spanish and Biological Chemistry before pursuing research full time for several years with a team developing gene therapy based clinical trials for glioblastoma multiforme. He moved to Rio de Janeiro for a Fulbright scholarship and taught English at a university before returning for medical school near his home at Western Michigan University Homer Stryker School of Medicine.

He pursued Med-Peds for the comprehensive educational experience enabling him to care for all types of patients in a variety of settings. He also appreciates influence of a pediatrics training on his approach with adults, and vice versa. He chose UCLA for residency for the diversity in clinical sites, patient populations, and pathology. He has special interests in oncology therapeutics and survivorship clinics, hormone therapy for transgender patients, equitable healthcare for marginalized populations, and global health.

He loves living in LA and enjoys riding his bike to the ocean, playing tennis or going for a swim. Also, he loves exploring the diverse and endless food scene.

Class of 2025


Amarachi Erondu, MD

University of chicago

harvard college


Daniel Hodson, MD


Swarthmore college


Esther Kang, MD

uc davis

new york university


Akshara Malla MD

university of arizona

arizona state UNIVERSITY


Amarachi grew up in Augusta, Georgia as the daughter of Nigerian immigrants. She attended Harvard College for undergrad where she studied Human Evolutionary Biology and African Studies. After graduating, she spent a year working at Boston Children’s Hospital doing quality improvement research. Not scared away by the cold, she ventured to Chicago to study medicine at the University of Chicago Pritzker School of Medicine. There, she developed a passion for increasing diversity in medicine by working with various pipeline programs. She also took a year off to get a master’s degree in biomedical informatics. During this time, she worked on various projects that aimed to use EHR data and machine learning to improve patient care. 

Amarachi chose Med-Peds because the specialty offers opportunities to care for patients of all ages in various clinical settings. She also loves that the specialty upholds the belief that the lessons learned and skills developed in one clinical setting can improve clinical practice in another. (It’s giving true QI vibes, and she digs it!)  She’s so excited to join the welcoming community at UCLA! She’s looking forward to learning from a diverse patient population and exploring the many research opportunities that the program has to offer.

Amarachi hopes to continue her work in informatics, namely to use EHR data to improve healthcare delivery and address disparities. She is also interested in adolescent health and transitioning adolescent patients with chronic conditions to adult care. She also hopes to participate in Equity, Diversity and Inclusion initiatives that focus on mentorship/pipeline programs for underrepresented minority high school and college students. 

Outside of the hospital, Amarachi loves bike riding, diving head-first into LA’s amazing food scene, and enjoying live music.


Daniel hails from Trumbull, Connecticut (a small state just northeast of California). He attended high school at Fairfield Prep in Connecticut and then undergrad at Swarthmore College in Pennsylvania. At Swarthmore, he promptly started down the medical path by majoring in psychology and minoring in theater, captaining the cross country and track teams, and serving as one of the inaugural Swarthmore Phoenix mascots. Daniel then joined the United States Peace Corps and spent three months in Niger before the program was evacuated. He was transferred directly to Senegal, where he spent over four years in the rural, southern region of Kolda helping to build a community garden, creating radio shows in Foulacounda for the local Peace Corps radio program. Most importantly, he worked in the support of local health districts in a broad range of malaria control activities and helped to deliver tens of thousands of malaria rapid diagnostic tests and first-line antimalarials to these under-resourced catchment areas. Returning to the states, Daniel completed the Bryn Mawr Post-Baccalaureate Pre-Med Program (Pennsylvania again) and then returned to Connecticut for a year of clinical heart failure research at the Yale School of Medicine, where he remained for medical school. In medical school, Daniel conducted field epidemiological research into malaria infection in Douala, Cameroon and fell in love with bedside ultrasound.

Daniel’s broad clinical interests entering intern year include primary care, cardiology, infectious disease, and critical care. Beyond patient care, Daniel is passionate about delivering healthcare to underserved populations, building bi-directional global health collaborations, and implementing cutting-edge technology to transform bedside diagnosis and clinical medicine. He chose Med/Peds for the opportunity to provide continuous clinical care across the lifespan and for the broad clinical training applicable to global health contexts and public health. Daniel was drawn to UCLA for the energy of the program that was evident on interview day, for the emphasis on clinical competency, for the opportunity to work across several different types of hospitals, and for the diverse patient populations.

Daniel enjoys running, cycling, and swimming, practicing French and Foulacounda, and instigating fun shenanigans with friends. He enjoys watching highlights of New York Mets baseball, cycling, and soccer and recommends Lenox Hill on Netflix. Prior to Match Day, Daniel and his significant other Abigail had never been to Los Angeles. Here in the sun and warmth, they look forward to learning to surf, rebuilding/expanding their collection of fruit trees, and climbing nearby mountains.


Esther was born in Seoul, Korea, and raised in Chicago, IL and Torrance, CA. Esther studied Neural Science at New York University and received their MD from UC Davis School of Medicine. 

Medicine is Esther’s second career. Prior to medical school, Esther spent seven years as a middle school science and health teacher in Oakland Unified School District. During that time, Esther helped to co-author the middle school edition of Healthy Oakland Teens, a district-wide LGBTQ+-inclusive and trauma-informed sexual health curriculum. In their free time, they worked as an HIV test counselor at the Berkeley Free Clinic and organized with various queer Asian/Pacific Islander collectives as well as domestic violence advocacy programs. These passions ultimately led them to medicine, a path that held the possibility of blending their loves for teaching, direct care, and advocacy.  Esther’s work in medicine is in honor of their family, students, and community members. 

Esther chose Med-Peds so that they can be equipped to take care of all patients with medically and socially complex concerns. Esther felt that UCLA was the right place for this training because of their incredible, all-star people; the diversity of their clinical sites; and the strength of the categorical programs. Esther’s career interests include: pediatric-to-adult transition care, gender-affirming primary care, palliative care, academic medicine, and JEDI in medicine.

Esther is excited to return to Southern California, near their family, and is enjoying creating new memories of LA. Esther loves going on nature adventures with their superstar partner and their two chiweenie pups. Esther also loves game nights, intimate friend gatherings, and hunting for the best Asian shaved ice in LA. When they’re too exhausted for the above, they like binging reality cooking shows and wholesome Korean dramas. 


Akshara is from the sunny city of Phoenix, Arizona. Akshara loves to dance, watch Bollywood movies, and travel.  

For college, she attended Arizona State University, where she studied biomedical engineering. She decided to venture only 30 miles from home for medical school, where she attended the University of Arizona College of Medicine – Phoenix. At UACOM-Phoenix, she continued to strengthen her passion for health policy and advocate for health equity especially for marginalized communities. During this time, she also received her Master’s in Public Health and was very involved with the American Medical Association and her state medical association.  

Akshara chose Med-Peds as she wanted to be able to expand and incorporate advocacy and public health interventions in both child and adult populations, with an emphasis on improving transitions of care. Her ultimate goal is to pursue these efforts while practicing clinically and to nationally advocate for her patients and community. She chose to come to UCLA because of its diverse patient population, strong curricular emphasis on advocacy, variety of county, academic, and community-based training sites, tight-knit Med-Peds family, and location (being close to home is a huge plus!). 

After moving to LA, Akshara has forgotten what real, true summers are like and now enjoys double-digit weather all year round. She has grown to love living in West LA and is on a journey to find the best food + coffee + boba. 

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